Awakening the Giant!

Needless to say there seems to be an air of a determination and excitement around 2019. My drive to affect some real and long lasting change in my life this year is really coming to fever pitch thanks to finishing the book Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins.

After taking stock of my book situation at the end of 2018, I finally decided to finish the books I have. I was really tired of the growing pile of unexplored knowledge simply just staring at me. I realized that the only way to cut down on the size of this pile was to tackle it head on, so I grabbed the thickest tome I could and dug in!

Bookshelf 1

When I finally cracked open Awaken the Giant Within, I was slightly intimidated at the density of it, but was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to read and just how digestible the information is. Tony’s writing style is very much geared towards the every man/woman with its simple prose and passionate wording. Thankfully this book is so compelling, because the word count is sitting at a whopping 165,920 words! Needless to say you will be investing some time in this read, roughly 11 hours at 250 WPM. And if you plan on getting the absolute most out of the book by doing all of the self exploration and journaling, expect to spend a few extra hours. It’s a very active read which is what makes it so transformational!

Bookshelf 2

So what exactly are you in for once you get in to it? My belief is that the end goal of this book is to affect some real change on peoples lives by giving them proven tools to succeed. Tony presents the first two parts of the book as a grouping of lessons and anecdotes to drive home the subject of each chapter. These range from making real decisions in life, how to understand and learn from emotions, how to immediately change your state from negative to positive, and much more.

My well loved copy of Awaken the Giant Within

“Leaders are Readers”

Anthony Robbins

Through reading this book I have definitely reached new levels of growth and personal development. Mr. Robbins simply goes above and beyond by providing great information to those who are hungry for it, in a relateable and readable way. I really cannot recommend Awaken The Giant Within enough for those interested in personal growth; this book is a crucial tool along that journey and will immensely help with your 2019 goals and aspirations. If you’d like to see me go in to even more depth, check out the video below!

Get Your copy of Awaken the Giant within with the link down below.

Awaken the Giant Within

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