Emotional Destiny: The Only Real Success

I recently finished Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins, and wrote an article about my thoughts on the book. On top of that I made a YouTube video, where at the end I said I was going to start the seven day Emotional Destiny Challenge that Tony provides. I may be a day late on starting my challenge but none the less I am determined to accomplish it!

Chapter 19 in Awaken The Giant Within is titled Emotional Destiny: The Only Real Success. In this chapter Tony challenges the reader to use all the tools that they have been learning, in order to gain control and insight into how their emotions are affecting their everyday reality.

For day one of the challenge, there are three tasks to be carried out:

  1. Write down all of the emotions that you experience in an average week.
  2. List the events or situations that trigger these emotions
  3. Come up with an antidote for each negative emotion, and employ one of the appropriate tools for responding to the Action Signal (negative emotion).

Here’s a list of the emotions that I typically feel during any given week:
Joy, annoyance, gratitude, divinity, anger, melancholy, nostalgia, apathy, excitement, happiness. Examples of events that can trigger each of these emotions are listed below:

• Joy – My son smiling at me after he sings me a song.

• Annoyance – Having to do that pile of dishes staring at me.

• Gratitude – Spending those first twenty minutes of the day meditating with my family.

• Divinity – That last few minutes of meditation where I spend some time with non local source.

• Anger – I mean really, how many times do I have to ask you to pick up the toys?

• Melancholy – Oh…. its raining again.

• Nostalgia – When I think about how long its been since I’ve seen my mom or dad.

• Apathy – About halfway through my waiting shift at work.

• Excitement – Finishing a book so I can start the next one.

• Happiness – The moment when I remember that I can choose to be happy whenever.

Alright, now lets remedy some of these emotions!

• Annoyance – I gain an immense amount of pleasure by having a clean kitchen. It is almost unbearable to me to have a pile of dishes!

• Anger – I will ask myself some quick questions before flying off the handle: If I was two and a half, wouldn’t I need some guidance and leadership with the whole cleaning up the mess thing? The last thing my son needs is for me to be grumpy at him.

• Nostalgia – Rather than focusing on the issue, I choose to shift my focus to the solution: How am I going to go visit my mom and my dad in the next 3 months?

• Apathy – I simply try to remember some references and questions. “Is it ever pleasant to have a pissy wait staff?” I think the answer is obvious.

I hope everyone enjoyed coming on this little personal development journey with me! I’ll see you all tomorrow where we’ll be talking about day two of the challenge Physical Destiny: Prison of Pain or Palace of Pleasure!


Author: ZachieV

Hey guys, I'm a blogger :)

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  1. Zach I’m loving this! I’m actually not feeling well today but I am going to do the writing challenge! Love this thanks for bringing this along I really needed it!


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