Let Food be thy Medicine

Obviously the title above is that of the famous quote by Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” When I see this quote it always brings to mind other sayings I grew up with such as, “you are what you eat”, and “if you keep eating ___ you’ll turn into a ___”. In a world where we are staring at beyond epidemic levels of diabetes, these little tid-bits of wisdom seem to fall upon deaf ears. This article will be focusing on a bit of my health journey and M.D. Mark Hyman’s book The Blood Sugar Solution.

In a previous post I touched on my journey with type 2 diabetes and how through diet and exercise I have kept it in a fairly dormant “pre” diabetic state. I continued with this kind of management for a while until I stumbled upon The Blood Sugar Solution at a garage sale, and then promptly left on my shelf for two years. Finally deciding to get serious about both my physical and mental health and wanting to finally conquer the book shelf full of self help, I picked up and started to devour The Blood Sugar Solution. So what did I learn from this book? I learned about integrative health, the future of medicine and the true cure for type 2 diabetes.

So what is Integrative health? Integrative health is mind, body and soul integration for total health. With integrative health, the key is to look for the root cause of a dis-ease and the every day factors that may be contributing. This is where The Blood Sugar Solution shines. Doctor Hyman has gone above and beyond, providing readers with an immense amount of tools and resources to get their blood sugar under control, excelling them into a health centered lifestyle.


Honestly, I was simply looking to find a diet that would make me more insulin sensitive! What I got instead was a wealth of knowledge, ranging from what supplements to take, all the way to a meal plan and shopping list while you’re on the six week diet. One of the main things that stuck with me from this reading is the way in which inflammation affects diabetics, along with how stress can lead to diabetes. This book comes highly recommended to anyone who has been dealing with high blood sugar, along with anyone looking to improve their lifestyle.


Author: ZachieV

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