Tapping to a Different Drum:

A gushing Review of The Tapping Solution

I’m getting very close to the end of my first month of my new lifestyle, where I have replaced a vast majority of my screen time with reading. Overall its been an absolute blast and I have learned a huge amount in just a few weeks. From Tony Robbins tools to help affect huge change in my life in Awaken the Giant Within, Or Dr. Mark Hymans how to guide on beating diabetes in The Blood Sugar Solution, I have truly gained so much in my utility belt to support me through my constant hunger for growth and positive change! It was roughly this time last week that I had to make a choice on what I was going to read next and after some digging through my shelf I found a long forgotten purchase my fiance and I made. A new, seemingly untouched copy of the Tapping Solution by Nick Ortner.

The long forgotten tome

I can remember vividly purchasing the book, it was only a few weeks after we had watched Nick’s documentary by the same name that we wandered into our local Fred Meyer’s and staring at us was his book! We were so excited, I mean it was obviously the universe screaming at us to eat up this knowledge, right… right? So what did we do? Forget about it completely for almost three years, yikes. Getting myself reintroduced with the technique and knowledge over the last week has been the greatest of pleasures because, it is of my belief that EFT is hands down the most effective and lasting therapies in the world.

My attempt at demonstrating tapping… Sorry about the lighting

So what is EFT? EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, originally stumbled upon by Dr. Roger Callahan a traditionally trained psychiatrist, who after spending two years with a patient who had a deep phobia of water was having almost no measurable success with western methods. Always curious of the body mind connection, he began looking into the eastern philosophy of the meridian system and qi. In a stroke of genius he had his problem patient apply gentle tapping to specific meridian points as she thought of water, and in roughly 15 minutes Dr. Callahan was able to achieve what he set out to do two years prior, and thus EFT/tapping was born. One of Callahan’s students by the name of Gary Craig is the one who developed the tapping sequence we see today and bestowed EFT its name, he is also the one who brought tapping to the masses from the late seventies to modern day.

The Book itself is by far one of the most genuine, open hearted, caring reads I’ve ever laid eyes on. Nick Ortner’s love for helping people work through their crud is evident in every word, and its obvious that this is his passion which makes the book a truly enjoyable and easy read. Nick takes you on a journey from his history with finding tapping, to introducing you to the tapping sequence and how to set up your script, and goes so far as to provide us with many different tips, scripts, and tricks so that anyone who picks up this book will get the most out of their tapping experience. Early in the book he provides data from several scientific studies showing how EFT effects the body’s cortisol levels (stress hormone) as compared to traditional talk therapy and a control group. While, the control and traditional therapy group showed little change in cortisol levels, the EFT group showed a drop of an average of 24 percent, with some individuals dropping up to 50 percent! Even if this was the only benefit people received from tapping its probably one of the most crucial things we could add to our daily activities to de-stress. As exciting as those numbers are, there are so, so , so many more benefits to tapping!

Tapping allows us to get free of those emotions that we have never dealt with, or hide in our bodies somewhere and that will typically flare up as dis-ease. Nick goes into the mind body connection at greater lengths in the book, but I can tell you with my own experience that I have felt the difference. When I started reading this book I was having a lot of neck pain, and so I put into practice what I had been reading. As I began tapping on the pain itself the emotion of anxiety came up over and over, so for my next round of tapping I decided to tap on my anxiety, which brought me to the realization I was stressing so much about work the next day that my body was holding onto it around one of my vertebrate. When I finally finished, I felt my muscles release the vertebrate and I haven’t had any neck pain in almost a week. I won’t lie to you guys, I’m a convert and I’m going to preach to everyone that complains to me about EFT tapping. EFT tapping is the easiest most crucial tool for the 21st century person. Do you want instant pain relief? Do you want to deal with past trauma? Do you really want to take control of your life? Nick Ortner’s The Tapping Solution is a simple, step by step way to get all those things and more! Until next week guys, have a great day and keep on tapping!


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