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Man… This seven day challenge is taking way longer than seven days. Those of you that saw my previous two posts relating to chapter 19 and 20 of Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins where I took you all through my process of his seven day challenge. Today’s chapter, chapter 21, looks at our relationships, how to deepen them and create and keep a deep emotional connection with your partner.

Tony breaks down what we learned in the previous chapters about cultivating relationships in only a few well worded pages. He reminds us the importance of knowing the rules and values of those we chose to start a relationship with, rules are our cornerstone while values are our foundations. If we don’t know this of our partner or ourselves, as the ski instructor guy from South Park would say, “your gunna have a bad time.”

Next Tony reminds us of where we are coming from in a relationship. As with all things in life you need to look at what you can GIVE to the relationship, if you are entering a relationship looking to take or receive something (security, self worth, sex) your missing the point of what makes a relationship beautiful.

He continues, reminding us of the importance of nurturing a relationship and not letting the little sh*t get out of hand! If there is an issue take care of it right away! I can attest to how something as simple as the dishes can all of the sudden get into a real out of hand argument… been there, done that. It’s not worth it, trust me.

Another great reminder he gives us is to MAKE TIME FOR YOUR RELATIONSHIP!!!! How easy we forget to set time aside for the one we love! Trust me I know you’re busy, I am too. Between work, side hustles, tiny humans, walking the dog, cooking dinner, doing the dishes, going shopping, writing, reading, exercising, its really hard to find time to make time for that significant other. Just remember when you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off that there is someone next to you doing the same thing, because they love you and want to grow with you. So take a few minutes, look into their eyes give a sweet loving kiss and a long hug. My lady and I have actually started scheduling twice weekly date nights, just to make sure we get the intimacy we need in our relationship. I know it doesn’t sound as… spontaneous as some would like, but it keeps the fire burning and helps keep our relationship healthy.

Tony moves on to remind us of the idea of constantly making a conscious effort to make the relationship better. How are you going to add value every day to that person and this relationship that you are both building. Which leads me into his final point of the chapter, Make sure that you are keeping a positive association with the relationship. We’ve all said it… “gotta go back to the ol’ ball and chain,” even jokingly these little statements are hurting how much we actually value the relationship. Remind yourself how lucky you are to have this person, what an absolute delight it is to be their partner, you’ll see first hand how much it will change your thoughts on the relationship.

My family, such a privilege to be the papadaddy

So my advice is get out there and give your honey a big ol’ sloppy kiss! Tell them how much you appreciate them and how they are your god or goddess! If there is someone out there that needs a reminder of how sacred their relationship with their partner is don’t forget to share this article with them, and if you really want to get in depth with what Tony says about the sacred beauty of a healthy relationship I cannot recommend Awaken the Giant Within enough. There is a link down below to get your own copy!


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