How to Attract Money… the Pragmatist’s Guide

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

Apparently, it has been the week for exploring finances. If you didn’t catch it on Thursday I posted a long overdue article on Tony Robbin’s fundamentals concerning the accumulation of wealth. I also dabbled in the idea of the money story and how one’s belief is fundamental in the ability to create new found wealth. I just so happened to be reading The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles and, as with all synchronicities, it couldn’t have shown its presence to me at a better time.

The Science of Getting Rich describes itself as the pragmatic guide to getting rich; it very plainly wants you to know that this is not a treatise on theories, nor a book of philosophy. This is a manual, a how-to guide, and if you follow the steps you will achieve your goal of financial abundance. So my question to you is, are you ready to get rich?

You Deserve to be Wealthy

From the first chapter, Mr. Wattles wants you to know that you have a god given right to wealth. He makes it abundantly clear in less than two pages that there is nothing spiritual about lack and that wealth not only creates endless opportunities for development and personal growth. What a refreshing thing to hear, especially for myself. I went into detail in my last article about how I struggled with the notion of money not being spiritual. If you want to read a little more about that go ahead and click this link to check out what I have to say about my own money story.

How to Attract Your Wealth

So, we deserve to be wealthy, what sort of Ponzi scheme are you selling today Zach? While I did have a 30 slide presentation on the exponential growth of waffle irons, I’ll just stick to the content in the book for now. Mr. Wattles, like myself, deeply believes that we are co-belligerents with God/Source in creating our reality. In more sensible terms our thoughts and feelings create our physical reality. Everyone has a different name for this, the law of attraction, prayer, focused meditation, etc.

Your first goal is to shape, with extreme detail what you actually want from your wealth. Is it a trip to Cancun? Then imagine every detail of what it will be like when you’re there, the smell of warm ocean air, how the breeze will feel on your face, how warm and blue the water is. These are just generalities to get your imagination going, but you see what I mean.

My theory is that our author, Wallace D. Wattles, belonged to the mentalism movement of the late 1800s to the mid-1910s. Like I said earlier he has no interest in writing the theory or the metaphysics behind the practice, but, There is quite a bit of language that mirror’s The Kybalion. The Kybalion is a Hermetic text which had its first official printing in 1908, just two years prior to The Science of Getting Rich. If you are at all curious about The Kybalion I have an article here that goes into more detail. These two books go really well together, where The Kybalion is the Theory, The Science of Getting Rich is the practice.

You did it, that mental masterpiece is painted. You have every detail of what you want what kind of riches you have and your waiting for the universe to deposit that thick check into your bank account, now what? before you get too far ahead of yourself in daydream land we still have a few more steps.

Gratitude is the Attitude

The next crucial portion of attracting money, wealth, or items is having a deep knowing that it is already provided to you by the universe and unending gratitude that you already possess it. This one can be a little tricky to get a hold of. How do you cultivate gratitude for something you don’t have yet? My suggestion. Start by being truly grateful for what surrounds you! In our modern day, we have mastered the art of complaining, which really diminishes that wonderful feeling of gratitude. Even God would like to hear a thank you now and then.

Another great tool to cultivate day to day feelings of gratitude is by adding in daily heart-centered meditation. I suggest Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book Becoming Supernatural. Not only does he provide step by step instruction to several different meditations, but he also provides a bunch of scientific evidence for the power of the practice.

The Final key to the Secret

Everything is there, you see it, you know its coming to you, you are endlessly grateful that the universe is providing you with this gift. And… its two years later and you haven’t received that thing you have been attracting. Frustrating, I know, I’ve been there. What’s wrong? This, my friend, is the missing key that many books on this subject seem to leave out for some reason, or we just choose to ignore it.


You have to get off the couch and move towards your goal! God helps the man who helps himself. If you don’t take steps towards what you are manifesting, you are simply a dreamer. So whatever it is you are manifesting, be it a couch, a job, endless passive income, you have to move towards those goals.

A great example of this is that when my fiance and I were looking for a couch for our new pad., She said she was going to call in the perfect couch. She wanted a cream couch, a little bigger than a love seat, for free. The months went by, and I had all but forgotten that she said she was calling it in. Several times, we went shopping for a couch, but nothing fit (actionable steps). We had all but given up hope when…

The Manifested Couch

We found this puppy in the free section of craigslist! Not only is it everything we asked for, but there is a cover for the entire thing. completely machine washable, essential for a two-year-old. Thanks for looking out God.

So there is a little crash course in manifestation. All of this is covered in the book in greater detail, but I thought I would just give you a little head start. Have you ever manifested something into your reality? What was it? Did it take a long time? Let me know in the comments down below. I also provided several links to books that have helped me with my manifestation journey, and of course, The Science of Getting Rich is one of them. Once again, I’m a fan of complete transparency and want you to know I do make a small commission when you buy these books from the links I provide, for those of you that choose to purchase, I am forever grateful. Until next time guys, have a great day and happy manifesting.


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