Best Comics Books for New Comic Readers

The First Step After Marvel Studios

Somewhere out in the ether of the internet videos, I once said: “Just you wait, the superheroes are coming.” That was back in like 2008. And whether I aligned myself into the universe of the twice-yearly Marvel Studios releases or it was preordained by the stars, we all find ourselves in the universe of the superhero. I was lucky enough to have my own personal comic book shaman to guide me when I was getting into comics. This is going to be my attempt to do the same for those of you out there who are ready to jump from the silver screen to the inked page.

I want everyone to know that this is 100% my opinion, these are just the books that got me super into comic books. This is in no way an end all be all, just a helpful guide for those wishing to jump into the wonderful world of comic books.

All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison

The Best Superman Story… Period

I’m going to say it… I love Superman. Hands down my favorite superhero. To me, Superman is the Marcus Aurelius of the superheroes. In an instant, Superman could bring the world to its knees and crush humanity under his bright red boot. Instead, he takes it upon himself to always do the greatest good, love his fellow man (even though he is Kryptonian), and simply be the best he can, for no reward other than that which makes his soul sing.

All-Star Superman is the greatest Superman Story put to ink. Grant Morrison put so much heart and love into this 12 issue run that I get a little teary eyed just thinking about it. Basically, Superman gets cancer and has to tie things up on planet earth before he passes. What ensues is a deep, emotional journey of a man running out of time. I cannot recommend this one enough, just be prepared to shed a tear or two.

Batman Year One by Frank Miller

How Bruce Wayne became the Caped Crusader

Let’s be honest, the first year at a new job is kind of rough. New environment, new people, different expectations from your boss. Now add villans with machine guns. This is a pretty good representation of Batman Year One.

We see an inexperienced Bruce Wayne doing his best to take up the cowl of Batman in this exploration of his first year on the job. And… it’s a little rough to watch. This is considered one of the mandatory reads for Batman fans out there and is a great starting point for those who want to dive into the caped crusader’s first 365 days on the job.

Marvels by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross

It’s… So… Beautiful…

This is actually the first comic book I read seriously and it’s a little bit of an odd one too. Rather than following a band of heroes we follow Phil Sheldon, a photographer, as his career begins at the same time that superheroes start to pop up. Even if you don’t care too much for the story, stay for the art. Alex Ross’s hand-painted panels are just too much eye candy not to appreciate.

Civil War by Mark Millar

When People With Superpowers Get in Shouting Matches

Yes, yes… I know. You could just watch the movie and get the just of this comic, I mean they have the same name… pretty much the same heroes duking it out… what am I actually missing you ask. I dunno, maybe some depth?

It is also interesting to look back on the book now that I’m older and not just concerned with heroes beating the ever living crap out of each other. I see now that Mark Millar was making a really interesting commentary on the post 9/11 world. Its really enjoyable, and you will probably get something a little more out of the movie too.

The Sandman by Neil Gaiman

Modern Mythology for the Modern Man

I really can’t even start with this series. It’s amazing. Neil Gaiman is one of the best writers in the last 100 years and he graced us with one of the most imaginative, timeless series that has ever graced a comics page.

The Sandman series follows… the Sandman, also known as a Dream or Orpheus as he reclaims his title after being magically contained for a hundred years. The farther you get into the series the more fantastic and interesting it gets.

Alright, guys, just a quick few recommendations for those wanting to get into the comic book game. I love all these titles and think that they are a great jumping off point. Just a quick reminder, for those of you who purchase from the links provided you are helping out the blog and for that I am forever grateful.

Do you guys have any good comics to recommend to some newbies? What are they and Why? Let me know down below in the comments!


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