Be Impeccable: Your Code of Conduct

Tony Robbins Guide to Defining Your Values

We’re getting really close to the end of this challenge! I’m sure that most of you figured out by now that I’ve committed to doing these once a week rather than every day like I claimed originally. This was a decision I made that directly came from assessing my values, which is what chapter 23 of Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins is all about.

So what are values, and how did they lead me to the choice to not finish these six articles back to back? Values are, as the title suggests, your code of conduct. Something that you hold yourself to no matter what, one’s fog horn in the misty shores of life. A gentle reminder of who you really are and who you aim to become.

“Even though we love the prose Zach, you still haven’t answered our question. What are values?”

Tony describes it best in the exercise at the end of this chapter. Values are a commitment to reaching a certain state at least once a day. Reaching these states (emotional states) help shape your day and reinforce your state of truth.

Two of my most important states to reach in my day are, relaxation, and genuine creativity. For the first week or so I was super into writing every day, coming up with content, stretching my writing muscles, and being creative created a huge amount of joy for myself. I quickly came to the realization though that this wasn’t sustainable, between cooking dinner, taking care of a three-year-old, working part-time, and keeping up on my reading I soon found myself looking at this seven-day challenge I committed to with both annoyance and fear.

Taking a Step Back

So after looking at those states which I constructed my values from I was able to realize that forcing myself to finish an article every day was infringing on my ability to relax and truly feel creative. So rather than run myself ragged, or let myself slack to the point of not accomplishing my goals I decided to design realistic deadlines for myself.

By taking this simple step back, I was able to evaluate what is truly important to me and construct guidelines to keep myself on track with both my goals and my values. I’m not claiming that this is an end-all for productivity but it has helped me enjoy my works and keeps me on track. So remember the value of taking a step back, ask yourself some questions like, do I need to slow down? Am I overworking myself? How can I move my schedule around to serve myself better?

Let’s do a little thought experiment together. I’m going to take a look at the states I wish to achieve every day and how I will go about doing this. Remember these emotional states are the foundation of what your value system is built upon, by getting these rock solid you’ll shape yourself into your best self!

Defining your States: The Key to Your Values

So I’ll keep my list pretty short, just giving you my top ten states I try to attain every day. Your list can be as long or short as you will it, just remember you want to be able to achieve these states every day. They will help shape your reality into exactly what you want it to be.

  • Gratitude: Every morning or evening I choose to have a heart-centered meditation that will put into perspective how grateful I am for my life.
  • Creative: Whether I choose to write, think, code, or play guitar, I choose to express my creativity once a day.
  • Relaxed: As chaotic as things get I always have a few minutes to listen to my body and let it relax, whether by meditation, a nice bath, or reading.
  • Cheerful: I choose to be cheerful by smiling at people, looking them in the eye, giving them the time of day, because that’s what I would like to receive.
  • Excited: I always get excited when I dive into a book, learning and growing gets my blood flowing!
  • Loving: Spending time being goofy and with my family, both my fiance and son. Giving them the time of day to express themselves to me and to really listen.
  • Mystical: By acknowledging the synchronicities in my day to day life, I get to appreciate just how magical reality actually is.
  • Strong: Whether it be a test of willpower that I pass or a really good exercise session, I choose to feel strong every day.
  • Charismatic: Getting a laugh out of someone with a silly joke, or being smooth with my lady causes me to feel charismatic.
  • Happy: By knowing that the little things in life are just little things I embody happiness.

I hope this little bit of insight helps you in shaping your own value system! If you guys want to learn more… and I mean a lot more make sure you get your own copy of Awaken the Giant Within. I’ve provided a link down below and for those of you who choose to purchase from the link I do receive a small commission and for that, I am endlessly grateful.

What does your code of conduct look like? Let me know down below in the comments.


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