Best Tips for Beginning Meditators

Relax and Breath Easy my Friend

So you want to start meditating? That’s great! Have no idea where to start? I was there too! Between the apps, the youtube videos, and the books all providing slightly conflicting information, it is hard to know where to turn and who to listen to. I’m going to dispel any sort of myth that I’m an expert on the subject right now and just let you know that I’m a normal dude who has been doing this for a while. These are just a few tips that got me out of that beginner stage, and helped me move on to a more comfortable state with my meditations. So, before we get started, relax, take a deep breath and breathe easy my friend.

Just Let the Thoughts Float By

Sitting there with your eyes closed and mind racing. Yippie… Just what I signed up for. Trust me I know, this is probably the most prevalent problem to new meditators. So, what do you do? Let em go nuts! The last thing you want to do is to try to stop your mind from racing.

A good metaphor would be, does one try to stop traffic when one wishes to cross the street? No, you wait until traffic slows to cross. Watch your thoughts, acknowledge them, and then simply let them go by. The moment I started to implement this strategy, I immediately started to enjoy my meditations more.

Isochronic Tones Or Binaural Beats

I started using binaural beats about five years ago and honestly, they have improved not just my meditations but several other parts of my life as well. If you aren’t quite sure what binaural beats are, they are two tones set to a different frequency and when listened to with headphones they create a unique frequency that makes a kind of warble noise.

These tones are designed to get your brain out of faster brainwave activities like Beta, and in to slower brainwaves, like Alpha, Theta, and so on. I love these for sleep, or if I’m short on time I’ll have a Beditation (meditation in bed) with these binaural beats slowing my mind down and helping me relax.

mp3-meditation-club has some of the best binaural beats on the market right now, I use their Lucid Dreaming beat just about every night. I really recommend their product, it has immensely helped me with my meditations.

Limit Your Blue Light Intake

You know when your about to go to sleep and have just finished up scrolling on your phone? Then you are just sitting there mind running around and then you’re not able to sleep? That’s because of the blue light coming off of your phone. It tricks your brain into thinking that it’s still day time, causing you to not produce melatonin, which is the sleepy night-night brain chemical.

I’ve found that my brain is also busier when I’ve been playing with my phone right before meditation. Living in the 21st century though we have to be around these things more often than we would like but, one of my favorite bio-hacks for this is blue light blocking glasses. I write a lot on my computer, and wearing my blue blockers is the only way I can go from finishing writing on my computer and then straight into meditation and then sleep without feeling like my mind is going to jump right out of my head.

Exercise the Mind, Body, and Spirit

I feel like we forget how intrinsic human trinity is. Meditation is much harder to achieve if you simply don’t feel good. I was really overweight when I started meditating and sitting still for twenty minutes to an hour was almost impossible but, I took baby steps to make the whole experience more comfortable. Sometimes I would lie down in corpse pose, or sit with my back to the wall so it would support me. The real change came though when I started to take my exercise really seriously.

As I lost weight and increased the number of endorphins in my bloodstream, I found that getting to a deep meditative state was easier and easier. I also find myself going into meditative states while I’m huffing and chuffing through my exercises!

Something that I feel is commonly overlooked is the need not just for exercising the body, but the need for exercising the mind as well. Meditation is a tool we can use to train our minds in this way, thereby enhancing our abilities in many areas of our lives, and achieving greater mental states along the way.

I hope you all gained something of value from this post, and maybe I pointed you all in the right direction. Meditation is an amazing technology that really needs to be spread around. How have your meditations been going? Are you still a little intimidated to start? Let me know in the comments below.


Author: ZachieV

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