Best Tips for Beginning Meditators

So you want to start meditating? That’s great! Have no idea where to start? I was there too! Between the apps, the youtube videos, and books all saying slightly conflicting information it is hard to know where to turn and who to listen to. I’m going to dispel any sort of myth that I’m an expert on the subject right now and just let you know that I’m a normal dude who has been doing this for a while. These are just a few tips that got me out of that beginner stage and moved on to a more comfortable state with my meditations. So, before we get started, relax, take a deep breath and be easy my friend.


Top Five Best Books About Diabetes

‘ve been on a journey of creating health and wellness in my life now for almost half my life now, my major hurdle being that of diabetes. There is a whole slew of books on diabetes and trying to find the best books on the subject can be difficult. I thought it would be nice to condense down a list of my opinion about some of the most helpful books on diabetes. Note that this list has no real order to it, they are just the books I found most helpful.